Pari Is Not a Fairy Tale Anymore; Anushka Sharma Is Here To Haunt Us


Fans are shaken after seeing Anushka Sharma who doesn’t look like the Pari anymore in the teaser of the movie Pari. We can see that Anushka is coming up with some new stuff, which is totally different from her last movies. It looks like she has some different plans for this movie and it is not like the other regular stuff. She is coming up with a new horror movie called Pari, which is not a fairytale. This is the third movie of Anushka Sharma as a producer and she is planning to break the benchmarks this time.

Last Wednesday, the trailer was out and people are already scared as the two-minute clip has already shown how scary this movie is likely to be. Now, it’s been just two days since the teaser came out and it has already clocked over 10 million views.

Anushka Sharma will be seen in a totally new avatar. Prerna Arora, the co-founder of KriArj Entertainment is scaring people more by posting scary pictures of the new Pari on Instagram. The post shown below was posted by Prerna Arora last night on her Instagram account.

Instagram @ Prerna Arora

#PrernaArora #KriArjEntertainment #PariTheMovie

@Regranned from @officialcsfilms – If your answer is #Pari, we cannot promise that she won’t haunt you more.#PariTeaser

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They are claiming that the movie will hit the theaters on March 2, 2018, which is really close and people are excited to watch Anushka Sharma who is already haunting the audience by her two minutes teaser.

Make sure you check out the teaser of the movie.