Raees Review : Battery Nahi Bolne Ka


Raees film starts off in Gujrat, where the film is set where Raees(SRK) is a child and he due to his usage of spectacles is called BATTERY and he doesn’t like it( I mean it he doesn’t like this at all). Raees works under a bootlegger. Slowly he makes impact and one day he decides that he wants to become a bootlegger. But is becoming a bootlegger that easy?

Nope it isn’t for becoming a bootlegger he applied a brain of a BANIYA and guts of MIYABHAI. You should see his journey in the beginning, its very entertaining. After applying daring and brain his business slowly starts to grow. Raees is very intelligent he identifies opportunities from those places where no one can even think of.

But in the middle of all this he also has time for romance. Mahirah Khan is her love interest and the makers have not wasted time in romance, as the couple slowly get to business and sing a song together and they are married now. The timing of song is good and takes the film ahead.

But under all this happiness and prosperity he made an enemy which Raees took care of(Yeah he did it very well). He regrets it but its ok as her AMMI JAAN only told him to treat business as priority(Great self justification).

Meanwhile Nawaz is trying to catch him but he always get transferred, which actually helped him turn the tables.

Beating Raees is impossible as no matter what you do he will come out victorious and even powerful.

The film has a predictable ending and it may not go down well with SRK fans.

SRK has played his role well. The role suits his personality. He mostly raises his hand to beat people. He romances also.

Nawaz is as good as him, he has acted so well I felt bad for him because if he was good looking he could have easily become a superstar. He can even dance(Check out that scene)

Mahirah Khan has done a decent job but overacted sometimes but its ok as her role was short.

What’s Good :-

  • The film has lots of entertainment
  • SRK, Nawaz are in top form
  • The story is good
  • The film doesn’t look very lengthy(though it is)

What’s Bad :-

  • The ending

Overall the film is very good and filled with a good storyline gripping screenplay and powerpacked performances. SURESHOT 150 CRORE FILM

Raees Review