Raid Trailer: Ajay Devgan Playing the Role of a Strict IT Officer


The posters and trailer of Raid were released on Tuesday. The trailer has created a sensation among the audience.

Ajay Devgan is playing the role of Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax. He is a strict officer who is against all illegal activities. He does not encourage bribing and corruption in the city. Ajay Devgan took a step forward and started playing the role of IT officer unlike police officer in Gangajal and Singham.

Ajay Devgan has been roped in as an honest IT officer who does not deviate his way of work by the influence of any power. The film is based on the life of IT officer who fights against corruption to help the poor people. Ajay Devgan gets transferred for more than 40 times for being honest.

Saurabh Shukla is playing the role of a hardcore villain. The storyline of the film goes like this. The advisory group of government informs the IT department that it is not easy to raid the culprit’s house. Hence, a committee is created with Ajay Devgan as head to resolve all the corruption activities in Lucknow.

Ajay Devgan is surrounded by corrupt officers who always try to stop him from raiding the mansions of big shots. Despite the troubles he faces, he keeps on fighting against corruption.

The trailer is a punch of entertainment with many punch dialogues related to women empowerment.

The amazing chemistry between Ileana D’cruz’s and Ajay Devgan is impressive. The audience is expecting a major role for Ileana in the movie. The trailer has increased the expectations of the movie. The amazing script is written by Ritesh Shah. The movie is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. The movie will hit the screens on 16th March 2018.