Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut’s Killer Look Unstoppable: Mental Hai Kya Look 3


The 3rd look revealed from the Mental Hai Kya features Kangana and Rajkumar with negative looks. Moving in line with the looks of the characters, the title ‘Mental Hai Kya’ itself says the rest. Interestingly, the film is being crafted along the lines of the negative characters.

Kangana is seen in a bathtub holding a knife in her hand and Rajkumar is seen using a butcher knife to cut an apple. The lady model has a toaster by her side and a straightener with her. These mad demonstrations drive the actors and films quite ahead.

Additionally, the actors have set a distinct name of their own within little time by their first work together in ‘Queen’. It got them quite a name nationwide. This is the following joint project by the actors after a successful start at the box office with critics too being favorable of their work.

The film is making news all around with the National award credited Telugu director Prakash Kovelamudi behind. All the talented faces seem to be around the movie with Ekta Kapoor and Motion Pictures producing the movie. Kovelamudi earlier won the National Award title for the Telugu film ‘Bomelatta’ in 2006.  

This marks the debut for the film actor in Bollywood industry. Rather, it is incredible of such talented people joining the Bollywood. The director is surrounded by his talented spouse Kanika Dhillon who gave the script for the Bollywood film.

With such defined characters, Rajakummar could do wonders for the film, as reported by media. At the press meet, Ekta Kapoor boasted of the film taking over sanity with such actors carving out a separate path for the cine arena. The Ekta Kapoor venture is all set to roll out on screen this March.