Rangasthalam – India’s Choice for Oscars: Pawan Kalyan

Rangasthalam’s success meet was held in Hyderabad on Friday. Pawan Kalyan was invited as the Chief Guest for this event. He began his speech, thanking director Sukumar, producers, music director, and other cast and crew of Rangasthalam. He stated that he had never watched any of his films completely after he became an actor. The only movie, which he saw completely, was Tholi Prema. After that film, it was Rangasthalam, which captivated him.

Pawan Kalyan felt happy and proud of Ram Charan when he heard about the movie’s success and also the performance done by Ram Charan in the film. This movie has surpassed the ratings of GodFather in IMDB ratings. “I never felt like I came to watch a film, rather I felt like I am staying in the village called Rangasthalam, and watching all the characters around me”, he said. He opined that films like this would be an inspiration for the future generations.
He also shared that director Sukumar had visited him in the past, to make a film with him. But, he did not respond positively for that. Later, they thought of making a film together and it did not happen for many reasons. However, he quoted that he has a liking for Sukumar from his first film ‘Arya’. Sukumar knows the pulse of youth, makes movies close to reality, and is a great writer too, said Pawan Kalyan.

Before closing his speech, Pawan Kalyan said that films like Rangasthalam should be nominated for Oscar Awards or else it would be like discouraging our Telugu film industry. He also said that Ram Charan is like his younger brother; his elder brother and sister-in-law are like his parents. Pawan Kalyan wished that Ram Charan should achieve more success like this with his upcoming films.