Rangoon Trailer Review


The trailer of Rangoon is out now. It’s time to find out how it is.

The trailer starts off with a war scene of world war 2. This scene looks grand on canvas. It shows the condition of India before independence. The nation needs ammunition and for ammunition they need money and they can get it from Bollywood. And guess what we have a female superstar in the form of Kangna Ranaut who appears in cheesy, over the top masala films. There is a song in background which seems nice. And since Kangana is pretty she will have a boyfriend and Saif is the one here. Saif loves her and he wants her to come to Rangoon with him.

Shahid Kapoor enters and he is in charge of kangana’s security( yeah macho man after all) and he is very strict in this aspect (chep is the word actually).

Kangana falls in love with shahid which saif can’t tolerate (obviously) and this means war. So who will win the war, we have to wait till 24 February to find out. Overall the trailer was good and fast paced and it looks grand on canvas, it has patriotism, romance, comedy which ensures commercial appeal. We think the film will get an opening of 10 crores.