How and why Salman Khan signed the movie Tubelight


Kabir Khan and Salman Khan has proved to be a super hit team. The duo has delivered some of the biggest blockbusters to the Bollywood. Movies like – Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Bajraangi Bhaijaan (2015) has been one of the highest grosser movies of the year.

And recently both of them have completed shooting of the movie Tubelight. This is the third blockbuster movie of this team together and it is expected that together they will come up with another super hit movie of all times. This time they are all set to hit the hat rick.

How and why Salman Khan signed the movie Tubelight

But what is the reason and success mantra behind this unprecented success. Well, Mini Mathur recently attended the event and there press quizzed Mini Mathur about the secret behind this blockbuster, Jodi. Mini being the wife of Kabir Khan said that she has always seen Kabir very excited about working with Salman. Mrs Kabir Khan further added that Kabir has always imagined such movie for Salman which other actors might not have seen. He has portrayed Salman in the best way possible. Also, she added that Kabir strongly believes that Salman Khan is a talent powerhouse. Kabir always says to Mini that there is a hidden and unexplored acting talent inside Salman which can still be worked upon and which will result into blockbusters.

How and why Salman Khan signed the movie Tubelight

Also, Mini praised her husband’s directing capabilities and said that movies which are made from heart touch the heart. Thus, a movie should be made with a clear objective of an entertaining audience and be striking a chord with the audience. That’s why his movies fare well.

Have a look at the video in which Mini shared her thoughts about everything related to Salman, Kabir khan and Salman Khan.