Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero Is an Entertainer


The much anticipated Bollywood film starring Shah Rukh Khan, which showcases a vertically challenged protagonist wasn’t received quite well by a majority of the audience. The story is something that the audience needs to hear but is not told with the right essence. The movie feels like an amalgamation of randomly shot videos that lack any sequential connection between them. However, the movie at the heart of it is a full Bollywood entertainer, especially the role of Babita Kumari, played by Katrina Kaif. Katrina has delivered a stunning performance backed by stunning dance sequences and is a treat for the audience to watch.

shah rukh khan's zero

Bauua Singh is a young man from Meerut who is vertically challenged and hails from a Brahmin family. He has a love and hate relationship with his father as he blames him for his short stature.  He lives life to its fullest. Typical to most young men, Bauua too is obsessed with superstars, especially Babita Kumari.

shah rukh khan's zero

The first half of the film portrays a sweet love story sparking between Afia Yusufzai and Bauua Singh. He comes across her in the process of searching for true love via a match-broker, where he spots the photo of Afia Yusufzai. Afia is a scientist who has difficulty speaking and coordinating her limbs as she is shown to be suffering with cerebral palsy. Afia falls in love with Bauua Singh and his joyous perspective to life. Afia Yusufzai is played by Anushka Sharma and she has the audience convinced. She looks every bit of convincing as she has acted out the dis-coordinated movements very well. However, things get complicated in the second half. Superstar Babita Kumari enters Bauua’s life. Babita Kumari has all the luxuries for herself – fame, riches and beauty. But, her love life is sailing in troubled waters with a co-star and Bauua comes as the knight to embrace the damsel in distress.

The second half of the film has been dragged with little symphony between the events taking place. Yet, this movie has its heart in the right place for being a full entertainer with many star guest appearances. The most prominent one is the appearance of late Bollywood diva Sridevi. She has graced a sequence with her presence and this is reportedly her last cinematic appearance. Zero is an entertainer, a film that doesn’t want the audience to take it too seriously and wants the viewers to see and understand that life is about embracing the small joys in life.