Soorma Trailer: Diljit Dosanjh Brings Sandeep Singh’s Story to the Silver Screen with Vigour


The recently launched trailer of the upcoming hit ‘Soorma’ starring Taapsee Pannu and Diljit Dosanjh has taken the whole show. It was so powerful and attractive that just after its launch it started getting the attention of the public and came in trend list. Diljit Dosanjh has been performing the role of Sandeep Singh, the famous hockey legend. On one hand, Diljit grabs the whole attention in a marvellous way; on the other hand, Taapsee’s performance is also flamboyant.

soorma trailer

The film has been directed by Shaad Ali. Soorma is the complete story of Sandeep Singh, the hockey player, who was shot in 2006 when he was a part of the national team for Hockey World Cup. At that time, he was excellent in his career, but one gunshot ruined that all. However, his passion for hockey doesn’t let the wheelchair become a loophole and after two years of struggle, he returns to hockey and re-attains that position by becoming India’s glory.

The whole journey of Sandeep Singh in the movie has been portrayed. The storyline is about how he becomes the top hockey player of India. Along with the ups, the movie will portray the downs also, which were a big challenge in his career. The waist-down paralysis he suffered after a gunshot, his struggle during this hard time, and then all of a sudden he surprisingly puts all his efforts to win No. 1 position as a hockey player – the whole story is a lesson in fact.  Diljit Singh has beautifully performed his role and Angad Bedi and Vinay Raaz have supported him in a fabulous way.

soorma trailer

While addressing the media, Diljit said that he knew the well-known hockey player, Sandeep, but he didn’t know about the incident that destroyed his career.