Sunny Leone plans an art exhibition of art work by her


The actress Sunny Leone has an artistic side too. The actress has a good lot of talent at painting. The actress started painting 10 years back. The actress after the death of her mother started painting and started gifting her artworks to her friends. The actress is following the footsteps of Salman Khan in this regard. But the actress who has almost 18 paintings to her name never revealed details of this talent of hers. She has never organised any formal art exhibition of her painting work and doesn’t intend to so in near future. When asked about her plans to make the painting collection public in form of an art exhibition the actress said that she would require some more time to do that.


While revealing the painting skills the actress said “I started painting because it was my emotional outlet and now, I paint because I love it. If you see all the pieces together you can see my emotional transition through the years. I usually paint when I’m in Los Angeles. I want to paint in Mumbai, but I’m having a hard time finding the things I need and the size of canvases I like. I paint large, abstract acrylic paintings. I paint on a whim, so if I have everything available, I do it.”

When asked about what she does with the paintings she makes she said that the 18 paintings she has made till date hold a special position for her and she has not yet decided to part her ways with them. She also says that when any of her friends or relatives likes the painting of hers she gifts it to them.

The actress on her plans for art exhibition said that she has never felt confident enough to organise the art exhibition. The day she feels confident enough she will organise an exhibition herself. She further quoted that she has developed a significant attachment with some artworks and can’t even think of how to let these paintings go.