The First Purge


The First Purge, directed by Gerard McMurray, is a flashy B-movie in the form of a violent political emblem. The star cast includes Lex Scott Davis, Y’lan Noel, Joivan Wade and Marisa Tomei. The movie released on July 4th and the critics have already started giving mixed comments. The film got a score of 47% till now. The characters are McMurray as Burning Sands, Davis as Superfly, Noel as Insecure, and Wade as Doctor Who. The film is a low-budget commercial movie but not an art film.

It’s a literary, dramatic cinematic work, the story of which precedes that of previous work like ‘Crime is legal for 12 hours a year’ by focusing on events that occur before the original narrative. It is the backstory of the preceding work. The film’s trailer explains the history of dangerous traditions.

One of the critics, William Bibbiani said, “’The Purge’ has never been subtle before, and it doesn’t start now: McMurray’s film argues that institutionalized violence only appeals to social classes who already have power. Strip away the propaganda, and The Purge is nothing more than thinly-disguised genocide.”

Overall, the review is good as the critics are praising the work. McMurray films have been known for the concept and an implacable point of view about politics. But, few have said it has a depressing ending as it’s a prequel. Compared to ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ and ‘The Purge: Election Year’, which were wildly violent movies, ‘The First Purge’ has reduced the violence to a noticeable level.

Few critics say that even though the violence has reduced, this part is more interesting than the rest. The previous one ‘Election Year’ ended with Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency. The present Purge has more of a real-life political touch ending with the words – Now We Fight. ‘The First Purge’ isn’t the beginning of the end of the franchise but just the start of where the narrative’s “civility” starts to erode and where that leads. You just need to keep reminding yourself that it’s a work of fiction.

Some critics even said there is no point or message conveyed by the violence that is shown in The Purge as the criminals turn out to be heroes becoming the neighborhood’s defense squad irrespective of the fact that they are drug dealers. Watch the film and decide on your own.