The Girl in Spider’s Web: A New Dragon Story


For the Millennium Trilogy fans, the new Lizabeth Slander is a treat to eyes. Her stoic Goth hacker portrait and an impressionable childhood, subject to trauma by her very own father, form the exposition or the inciting incident of the movie following the development of her character as the rebel she is.

girl in spiders web

Lizabeth Slander’s character is supported by a pretty much non-exciting character journalist Mikael Blomkvist who on the contrary has a significant role to play in the book. The plot further revolves around Lizabeth’s quest to steal a weapon-oriented software only to find out that a murderous organization “Spiders” is also seeking it.

The movie is packed with the right amount of action, guns, blood, abuses and a tab bit of nudity to give a female Jason Bourne-ish feel to it. The characterization of American NSA agent, Edwin Needham and journalist Blomkvist is rather flat and the iconic Lizabeth may have been morphed into something else swaying from the one who enjoys punishing hateful men.  

The Girl in Spider’s Web: The New Dragon Tattoo is based on the book penned by David Lagercrantz, who continues the legacy of Steig Larrson and wrote the fourth installment to the Millennium Trilogy. The movie is a notch down from its previous installments The Girl who played with fire, The Girl who kicked in Hornet’s nest and The Girl with the Dragon tattoo. However, unlike the previous parts directed by David Fincher, this one is directed by Fede Alvarez, who has also directed the horror film Don’t Breathe in the past.

girl in spiders web

Alavrez has graphed the story line in a very generic manner, mostly shot indoors and the movie is lackluster relative to the previous installments. This can be rooted perhaps for the fact that Alavrez didn’t utilize the blank slate of Lizabeth’s character and portray the complexities of her multilayered personality that fans had been looking forward to.

This movie has garnered poor ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. It features Crown actress Claire Foy as Lizabeth Slander, Suverrir Gudnason as Blomkvist, LaKeith Stanfield as Edwin Needham, and Sylvia Hoeks as Lizabeth’s sister Camilla Slander. The screenplay has been written by Jay Basu, Fede Alvarez and Steven Knight.