‘The Meg’ Trailer: Jason Statham Battles History’s Biggest Shark


Usually, Shark movies are admired by certain niche viewers. However, ‘The Meg’ movie starring Jason Statham will target a huge number of viewers and successfully target more audience with extraordinary action.

‘The Meg’ movie is basically based on ‘The Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror’, a book by Steve Alten written in 1997. Being based on the premise of just-go-with-it, the movie revolves around this prehistoric story on Megalodon that had been discovered almost 2 million years ago.

With ‘Chomp on this’ tagline and ‘Beyond the Sea’ tone setting, the trailer gets to begin with some occupants heading forward to encounter the Meg and are concerned with the underwater marine research vessel. They all proceed further to check out the assured movement that a giant shark does by fronting human-infested beaches. Statham plays the role of lead shark fighter and an intense researcher. As a fellow researcher of Statham, Rainn Wilson gives a lot of quips and suggests the whole team to put a tracker on the fish instead of killing it altogether. In the trailer, he says a dialogue, which gives an insight into his movie character.

The film also stars Cliff Curtis, Robert Taylor, Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamee, Li Bingbing, and Winston Chao. This movie has been produced under the banner of Warner Bros. and John Turteltaub has helmed it in the perfect way. Dean Georgaris takes the entire credit of this astounding script. In August 2018, ‘The Meg’ movie will hit the theaters.

Rush to the theaters in August to know what will happen when Megalodon shark attacks deep sea submarine and how the whole team and oceanographer work together to save everyone. Also, what they do with the shark will also be interesting to know?