The Nun Trailer Review: This Autumn, Get Ready to Be Horrified As ‘The Nun’ Is Here!


If you enjoy watching horror movies, then you might have watched the movies “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle”, the infamous cursed doll. Both the stories seem to be loosely inspired from a true story. But, the makers this time have unraveled the mystery about where the horror originated from before these incidents had occurred.

the nun trailer review

As per research, they proclaim that there is likely to be a holy story, which involved sin. Now the trailer of the latest horror flick “The Nun” has released. We might actually grab a glimpse of how horror felt like ages ago. The upcoming movie gives us a clearer picture of the story of the dreadful Valak, who first made her scary appearance as a negative entity in the second part of “The Conjuring 2” movie.

As expected, the movie series is set in the premises of a holy church, but once you closely observe you will realize that it is not just a simpleton church. In fact, it holds some dark secrets, which will eventually prove deadly and dangerous for the inhabitants of that place. The trailer is surely spooky and if you are a delicate person you better not watch it alone or else you will despise spending time alone and might start hallucinating things.

the nun trailer review

In the film, Demian Bichir has been roped in to play the role of Father Burke, while Sister Irene’s role is being played by Taissa Farmiga. Ingrid Bisu will be playing the role of Sister Oana and the main character aka the lead antagonist of the film will be played by Bonnie Aarons in the upcoming film, which is slated to release on September 7th. It has been directed by Corin Hardy. If you are still thinking about the outcome, get ready and geared up to get frightened like never before since the age old secret of Valak and her spookiness will be out in the theatres soon!