The Secret Behind Stree’s Ambiguous Climax Revealed By Shraddha Kapoor


After her back to back movie releases, it looks like Shraddha is going through the best time. After the release of high-grossing movie Stree, Shraddha is back into Bollywood’s limelight. It is not only the earnings of the movie but also her performance in the movie is a major part of the success she is experiencing right now. Shraddha Kapoor was seen alongside Rajkummar Rao an excellent actor who is known for his diversity in the movie. The movie was based on a rating choice of genre, Horror Comedy, that made people laugh and get scared at the same time.

secret behind strees ambiguous climax revealed

One thing that people were not happy about the movie was its climax. The climax confused the viewers to such an extent that people started making their own theories about the movie’s climax. The confusion has not been cleared by the movie-maker, looks like we have to wait until the second part of the movie releases. However, in the latest interview, Shraddha Kapoor was asked about the incomplete and confusing ending of the movie; Though she did not tell the actual reason of the ambiguity, she explained the Reuters her thoughts about the ending.

secret behind strees ambiguous climax revealed

The actress told the media people that ending the movie with an open idea is a great idea that adds to the beauty of the movie. The Stree actress told that keeping the story in ambiguity and open-ended keeps everyone guessing about the plot. The actress told the interviewer that it has been a long time since she has felt this way. The actress looked very happy and relieved. Shraddha’s latest movie with Shahid, Batti Gul Meter Chalu released on Saturday. The movie is doing quite well at the box office.

secret behind strees ambiguous climax revealed

Previously, the producer of Stree, Dinesh Vijan was questioned about the ending of the movie. Replying the question, the producer stated that the ending was deliberate as the franchise is preparing for the sequel of the movie. The producer of the movie told that the second part of the movie will reveal the reason behind the ambiguous climax of the movie.