The Termination of Villain Motif: Incredibles 2


Brad Bird has always been known for his directorial ventures in which the audiences get to see more than what they actually see onscreen. Incredibles 2 has a strong philosophical message on how well one can and should use the super power they possess.

the termination of villain motif

The twosome Winston and Evelyn Deavor making Elastigirl as the front image of the superhero rehabilitation marks the beginning of the movie. Winston believes that superheroes must be brought back to the world from below the ground to make the earth a much more peaceful place to live in. He also thinks that the reason for his dad’s death, who was an advocate of superheroes, was the absence of superheroes.

the termination of villain motif

As the tradition must be followed to bring back the superheroes, there must be an equally strong super villain. Hence, the ScreenSlaver steps in, who is disclosed to be Evelyn and wants to destroy the superheroes eternally. She thinks that it was her father’s call to the superheroes, which marked his death. She believes that one must always trust themselves rather than being dependent on superheroes.

Brad Bird remarks the connection of any human being with the superheroes despite the notion of ScreenSlaver that the world should live their lives on their own instead of relying upon the superheroes to save them.  Bird, however, condemns the philosophy of Randian, which says that good actions can be performed only by super people.

The main essence of the movie is the significance of having good intentions and kindness. The compromising position between the extremes – Winston and Evelyn – can be easily spotted in Incredibles 2. The idea of Winston states that the one who possesses super power needs to use it for good. The movie strongly puts forward the needs of good people and their presence irrespective of the super powers.

The film registers the fact that being good is more important than being super.