The Upcoming Movie Poster “Sanju” Featuring Sanjay Dutt’s Real Life Story Is Making the Audience Too Emotional!


The trailer for the most anticipated movie of the year “Sanju”, which features Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of Sanjay Dutt is creating a buzz since the posters have released. The latest movie poster, which features Paresh Rawal and Ranbir Kapoor embracing each other, gives a very emotional tinge to the entire movie set and the audience is in for all the emotional moments that their favorite movie actor popularly known as Sanju Baba had to go through.upcoming movie poster sanju

If the news is to be believes, then Sonam Kapoor will play Sanju’s love interest and the duo will be involved in crazy love chemistry. Paresh Rawal, the comedy king who has enthralled the audience with his comedy roles in plenty of movies, will be playing the role of Late Sunil Dutt, father of Sanjay Dutt.

upcoming movie poster sanju

In the latest poster, we can visibly see a disturbed Sanjay Dutt (Ranbir Kapoor) who is being embraced by his worried father Sunil Dutt (Paresh Rawal). The poster definitely shares the loving tale shared by the father-son duo and how they stood for each other in difficult times. Although they have rarely shared the screen space in reel life, they have always been seen by each other’s side in real life. The biopic, which is based on Sanjay’s life, will take us through various situations, including the successes and the failures that the veteran actor faced in reality and make us understand his version of story better.

upcoming movie poster sanju

The teaser has successfully grabbed immediate attention of the big time Sanju fans and also others who have somehow misinterpreted Sanjay without knowing his personal life history. Ranbir Kapoor has time and again proved his mettle and this time it is because of his striking features that resemble Sanju Baba. We are hoping to see him enacting the role just like Sanju is in real life. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the movie.