The Upcoming Thriller Raazi to Portray Alia in Multiple Shades


After the 40-second-long teaser, three posters of the movie Raazi have been released, which show Alia in her various shades. Directed by Meghna Gulzar, the movie is scheduled to be released on 11th May this year.

It looks like the talented beautiful actress is determined to dominate the box office with her powerful performance in the movie. The teaser that was released earlier showed Sehmat, the character played by Alia answering a call regarding an undercover operation.

Now the three posters that have been released speak of the three different shades that the actress will be pulling through. These are that of a spy, a wife and a daughter.

The movie is about an Indian spy Sehmat married to a Pakistani officer, a character played by Vicky Kausal. The poster that has both Alia and Vicky looking dreamily into each other’s eyes has a word ‘A wife’ written on top. The chemistry between the two will be a hot distraction in the movie.

The poster that has ‘A spy’ penned right on the top depicts Alia as a spy. Meghna tweeted about it saying – “A secret and a mystery. There is so much more to a woman than what the eye can see. #ShadesofRaazi #Raazi”

The third poster depicts her as a daughter. It has Ranjit Kapoor, her onscreen father kissing her forehead lovingly. Meghna shared this poster with a caption saying – “She is a Daughter. Respectful. Righteous. #ShadesofRaazi #Raazi.”

All three posters that are released are in different shades of blue. This depicts that the film will be intense and atmospheric. It is assumed that Alia’s performance in Raazi will be cherished for long.