Time 100’s Deepika Padukone: ‘We’re All in This Together’


‘Most Influential People 2018’ is TIME 100’s most prestigious list. This year, Deepika Padukone has been featured in this list. Deepika was looking extremely pretty in Anamika Khanna’s white costume at TIME 100 Gala in New York. She received the huge honor at Gala. While she got honored, she shared her entire battle, experience and modes of depression and everything she faced.

While addressing, she said that the day February 15, 2014 was the most depressing day for her and she couldn’t forget that at all. When she woke up, she felt totally bereaved with a strange feeling in her stomach. She was totally unaware of the reason for that weird feeling at that time. She said those were the days when she wanted to quit as life seemed meaningless all of a sudden. And then she suffered from clinical depression after few weeks.

She said although she stood slightly better in front of everyone in these four years, she faced pretty challenging times during these years. She further depicted her feelings and paid tribute to all those men, women and children who face such despairing situations in their lives. She said that those who feel and take these challenges of life in their everyday life and still live life with a smile on their faces really deserve a salute. And, their strength, courage, and power further strengthen her to live every single moment of life.

She encouraged people living with such miserable conditions by telling them not to ever think of giving up for even a while. She shared the inspiring words of Stephen Fry and gave a new hope to all.