Top 6 Winter Himalayan Treks You Must Take in 2018


Those who share their love for adventures like hiking and trekking during their vacations would prefer traveling to mountains to experience the thrill. Although while trekking every person has to be cautious to avoid any mishap and also has to face the harsh weather during the journey, the happiness they derive after reaching their designated position is out of the world.

If you are yet to go on a trekking trip in the Himalayan ranges, then the information listed out in this article will definitely help you plan your trekking journey in a better way. With a lot of options like Kheerganga trek, Roopkund trek, Chadar trek, and more, the list is endless.

Everest Base Camp (EBC)

winter himalayan treks

Who doesn’t wish to visit and climb Mount Everest, which is practically the tallest mountain in the world? The beautiful mountain, well known for its height and divine presence of Lord Shiva, has always enticed trekkers and believers from all across the world to visit the mountains once. The trekking journey can usually be taken during the period from February to June and then from September to November. The trekking usually starts from the capital city of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu and during the journey, you will witness the incredible glaciers, pine forests, and a lot more!

Note: If you are planning to take this trip, then you need to spare at least 15 days.

Roopkund Trek

winter himalayan treks

Located near Uttarakhand area, Roopkund happens to be one of the puzzling treks in the Himalayas. During the trekking, you will get to witness the mystical forests, freshwater rivers, and spectacular campsites; when you reach the higher altitudes, you will get to witness glaciers.

Note: It usually takes approximately 10 days to complete the trip

Valley of Flower Trek

winter himalayan treks

This trekking journey is ideal for those who are beginners in the field of trekking. Hence, if you start your trekking by traveling to this area, you might develop inner confidence to travel to more trekking destinations. While traveling through this area, every trekker gets to witness breathtaking views of the flower valley, which comprises of the rarest flowers of premium quality.

Note: It will take approximately 6 to 7 days to complete this amazing trekking trip and the best time to visit is from July to September.

Chadar Trek

winter himalayan treks

If you happen to enjoy trekking during the chilly months of winter, then this trek is appropriate for your desires. The trekking happens only during the period from January to February and is considered to be one of the most difficult yet fascinating experiences. It includes trekking towards and beyond the Frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh.

Note: It takes 9 days for this trekking trip. You need to pack appropriate clothes to survive the cold weather.

Chopta Chandrashila

winter himalayan treks

This is another trekking trip, which is recommended for absolute beginners so that they are able to enjoy the journey. Located near Garhwal Valley, also known as ‘Switzerland of India’, this trekking trip lets you view the spectacular passes and beautiful forests, and that’s an amazing experience to begin with.

Note: You can cover the journey in a span of 4 or 5 days and can take this trip between January and March during the winter to make the most of it.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

winter himalayan treks

Poon Hill Trek is one of the trekking journeys, which can be taken at any time, although the best time to visit this place is from January to May and then from October to December. If you love watching the sunrise, then this place will definitely give the best view of sunrise. Located in the Himalayan range of Nepal, this trip lets you witness the pristine yet natural beauty of the valley.

Note: It will take approximately 7 days to cover this trip.

These are the best trekking trips of Himalayas, which you can plan to take all around the year and have a thrilling experience at any point in time.