Us Trailer: Jordan Peele’s Follow-Up to Get Out Looks Just As Creepy. Watch Here!


The first trailer of Us produced by Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures was released recently. Directed by Jordon Peele, the movie is a sequel to the Oscar film, Get Out. Reporters claim that the upcoming film is another horror flick, which is based on underlying social issues.

us trailer

As the trailer unravels, you can witness a black family heading towards a family vacation at a beach. Their vacation, which was supposed to be a happening and an exciting one, is shortly hauled by four unknown people who suddenly appear outside their room at night. When they closely inspect these strangers, they realize that in reality, these people are the creepier version of their own selves.

us trailer

A voiceover reveals – “They look exactly like us, they think like us, they know where we are.” In the meanwhile, horrifying visuals play in the background, which portray that the family is being closely followed by their evil lookalikes.

The trailer runs for two and a half minutes and later it lauds the director Jordan Peele who is an Academy Award winner. His last directorial movie Get Out earned around $250 million worldwide. The film was appreciated for bringing out the satirical themes.

As per reports, Peele revealed that the upcoming horror flick will be featuring a novel horror concept known as “The Tethering”, but more details about this are yet to be released. However, he did state the reason why he has chosen a pair of scissors as the main weapon used by the evil counterparts in the film. He further explained that he is delighted to note that even everyday use objects can be treated as weapons to attack in horror films. The movie is slated to release in March, 2019.