Video: Priyanka Chopra Collaborates for a hilarious video With Lilly Singh (SuperWoman)


Bollywood well-known actress collaborated with Indo-Canadian online personality Lilly Singh for a super hit video. This all started since Lilly Singh declared her love for Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. Fans of both these celebrities urged both of them to work together. And finally it seems that our wishes have been heard. This breaking news that you will be able to see both well known Bollywood and Hollywood sensation Priyanka Chopra with online personality Lilly Singh very soon. This happened some time back. And just after that both of them decided to work together. And today only we came to know that they will be soon seen in a video together.


This video is titled as “How To Be A Good Wing Woman” and it features none other than the gorgeous beauty Priyanka Chopra. Both these well-known celebs are looking equally great and wonderful in a single frame. Priyanka is seen with her usual shoulder-length hair and black sleeveless high neck dress. Whereas Lilly Singh is seen wearing a blue top with a black leather jacket on top of it. And together they are seen in a bar set-up. Both of them are looking great but not sporting any special makeup. They are just having luminous skin with a hint of lipstick on their lips. Both of them have applied a light shade of blush on their cheeks and are looking truly gorgeous.

Now, what happens we will tell you ahead? Here in the first scene, you will see Priyanka Chopra sharing her sad tales with Lilly Singh. She was telling her that how she got dumped. Priyanka said that her boyfriend ditched him and didn’t even bother to call and tell her. He just sent a snapchat video and said that he had broken up with him. To which Lily Singh replied that she is the best wing woman and she will set her up with someone in the bar.

And that’s when the video begins. Have a look at the super hit video which is already trending on the internet.