Watch Patakha(s) in Action: The Fireworks between the Sisters Definitely Worth a Watch


A short story “Do Behnein” written by Charan Singh Pathik is brought to life by Sanya Malhotra, Radhika Madan, Sunil Grover and Vijay Raaz under the expert directorship of Vishal Bhardwaj.  The results are definitely worth a watch and there is much more to it than what we could see in the trailer.

watch patakhas in action

Patakha, the movie, is all about the relation between two sisters Champa and Genda who love to hate each other. It’s a show of proving who can hate more. The extremes that the sisters go to in order to stay away from each other work against them and they end up getting married in the same household. The rivalry and how it impacts their life is the centre point of the story.

watch patakhas in action

The characters are eccentric and the settings are realistic. The relationship between them is more real than what we see in a lot of the movies. We actually feel connected to them somewhere.

The two main characters are enacted so convincingly that you feel their anger, pain, excitement and various other emotions as you watch them. Even their physical fights are very real and keep you involved. But, the character that steals the show is Dipper, the Naradmuni played by Sunil Grover. The subtle way in which he incites the two sisters is too good. Vijay Raaz has given excellent support to the main cast in the role of the father.

watch patakhas in action

The locations, the sets and the essence of the culture have been captured with perfection. The music score is average with a couple of songs capturing attention. The first half is full of action. In comparison to that, the second half runs at a slower pace causing some distraction. The climax of the movie is not kept well-hidden and the end becomes predictable.